Lumberjack by: Patrycja Podkościelny

when you tell sehun he’s handsome

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Mind finger fuck

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Best reaction ever.

OMG who is this!?!?

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Two churches located across the street from each other. At least the Catholics have a sense of humor.




parkminsoo asked:
you go tell that anon :) keep smiling

Thank u for the encouragement, minsoo

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Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]

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Anonymous asked:
You post about wanting snapchats and TMIs and sexual content and then wonder why people only want to use you for sex and nothing more. You want things to change? Change yourself first. You can't expect people to see you as anything more than a hookup if that's literally the only vibe you give off. No one wants to get to know you. Just fuck you.

first of all, ur words seem very pointed right now. second of all, ur use of the word “literally” was used incorrectly, since obviously i give off other vibes like…cute puppy and kitty vibes. third, u are just plain ignorant and choose to see others negatively and judge them purely on the posts that have up. if people want to assume such negative things about me, by all means, but it’s those who’re able to see passed these posts and want to get to know the real person behind them, that really matter. otherwise, i guess “fuck you” is their best way of dealing with it, and that’s fine too. have a good day [:

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